Wuyuexin New Year Party

Opening of the Annual Conference and Address by the President

On January 25, 2019, the New Year Party of Wuyuexin Company opened at Meizhou Dongpo Hotel in Wucai City. Firstly, the chairman Pang made a detailed summary and analysis of the company’s work in 2018, affirmed and praised the company’s overall performance in 2018, and clearly pointed out that there are still some problems in the company, and made plans and tasks for the company’s short-term goals and work in 2019. Finally, Pang sent New Year’s greetings to all colleagues and family members of the company.

The picture shows Pang Zong’s speech on the spot.

Heads of Huawei Company send their best wishes on the spot

The company’s strategic partner, Huawei’s head Shen and Liu, came to the scene personally, bringing surprise prizes (Watch smart watches 3, Huawei mobile phone mate20 2) and New Year’s greetings to colleagues of Wuyuexin Company, and expressing the long-term cooperation intention and goal of the two companies.

Picture shows Huawei Shen General Site winning the prize for us.

The picture shows Huawei’s Liu General Spot winning a surprise Award for us.


Excellent staff and team recognition

The company commended the outstanding colleagues and teams, commended the new people for their positive and courageous progress, silent efforts; commended the old staff for their earnest responsibility and perseverance; commended the team for unity and cooperation, positive innovation, rigorous responsibility. Encourage all colleagues of the company to learn from excellent employees and be brave to compete for excellence. Also encourage the award-winning excellent employees to take the lead in the role of model and continue to compete for excellence.

The picture shows Chairman Pang and Vice-President Tang awarding certificates to outstanding employees.

The picture shows excellent employees and excellent teams speaking on behalf of Comrade Hu Lingling.

The picture shows Pang Zong, chairman of the company, presenting awards for outstanding teams.

Entertainment Game Interaction

In order to activate the scene atmosphere, increase the cohesion of colleagues and tacit cooperation between colleagues, the company carefully planned the interactive link of the game. Game activity is a rush to answer the game, the scene randomly selected 10 employees, free to form two teams, according to the rules of the game to rush to answer questions, the final team with high scores wins. The second part of the game is you draw my guess. The rules of the game are: two people stand face to face, two of you decide who will compare who will guess. Finally, three groups of colleagues play the game. From the game, we can see that the tacit understanding between colleagues is perfect. There are 20 questions. The three groups of colleagues get 19 points and 17 points and 12 points, respectively, and each group wins the game prizes home.

Members of the two teams were in the middle of a brilliant rush to answer


Interactive link of lottery draw

The annual lottery draw is essential. The company has also offered exquisite and generous prizes. The prizes include 8 smart rice TV sets with a value of 1499, 35 small rice love speakers with a value of 299 yuan, 20 wireless hand-held electric mopping robots with a value of 599 yuan, and exquisite gift boxes with a value of 1 499 yuan. The company leaders awarded prizes to the lucky colleagues who drew the prizes. I also wish these lucky colleagues good luck in 2019!

The picture shows the prize of the company’s annual meeting.


Closing of the evening party

With the melody of a song “Tomorrow will be better” sounding, we still care about leaving, the company’s spring party in 2019 successfully closed! The chairman of the company delivered the closing speech and the company’s New Year’s vision for the evening party. This afternoon, laughter and applause were heard in the venue. The colleagues were lucky in the evening party. More importantly, they were happy. We have created a fruitful 2018 with diligent hands, and we will embrace the hopeful 2019 with generous mind. Let’s work hand in hand in the new year with lofty aspirations, achieve new leaps and new achievements. Also firmly believe that tomorrow Wuyuexin will be better!