Wuyuexin Company strictly carries out the promise of “Notice on Prohibiting Harmful APP Entry into Primary and Secondary Schools”

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on the Prohibition of Harmful APP Entry into Primary and Secondary Schools (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”), requiring all localities to take effective measures to resolutely prevent harmful APP from entering primary and secondary schools.
“Notice” emphasizes that a comprehensive investigation should be carried out. Apps containing pornographic violence, online games, commercial advertisements and violations of the laws of education and teaching should be stopped immediately. Apps and Wechat public numbers suspected of violations of laws and regulations should be reported to local network information management and public security departments for investigation and punishment. Parents should be reminded to carefully install and use APP for primary and secondary school students in various ways.
“Notice” requires that all localities should establish a system of examination for the registration of learning APP on campus, and establish a “double-examination” responsibility system in accordance with the principles of “who is in charge of who is in charge of who is in charge of who is in charge of who is in charge of who is in charge of who is in charge of who is in charge of who is responsible”. Schools should first make good choices, strictly examine the contents, links, application functions and information security of APP, and report them to the higher education authorities for the same examination. Meaning. It is necessary to ensure that the content of learning APP in campus conforms to the Party’s educational policy and the requirements of cultivating people with moral integrity in ideological, scientific and appropriate aspects, and reflects the orientation of quality education. The principle of “effectively serving education and teaching, not increasing the burden of teachers’work and students’ schoolwork” should be adopted, APP should be selected reasonably, quantity should be strictly controlled, and normal education and teaching should be prevented from being affected. Apps for study on campus are not allowed to charge students or pay related fees to students. Students’information and data security should be guaranteed to prevent leaking students’ privacy.
“Notice” pointed out that local education administrative departments and primary and secondary schools should establish and improve the daily supervision system, clear supervision responsibilities and methods, and effectively guarantee the safety, health and scientific appropriateness of APP entering the campus. In the future, all learning apps that have not been examined on the record are prohibited to be used on campus, and students are not allowed to organize or request or recommend learning apps that have not been examined on the record after class. We should regularly check and keep abreast of the changes and updates of APP content, and dispose of harmful information in time when it is found. Schools and teachers are not allowed to use APP to publish information about students’grades and rankings. Educational administrations, schools and teachers who violate regulations and neglect management and have adverse effects should be held seriously accountable.
“Notice” requires that educational administrative departments at all levels, in conjunction with relevant departments, strengthen research, further improve the content requirements, review standards and supervision methods of learning APP, summarize and promote successful experience in a timely manner, gradually establish a long-term mechanism for the use and management of learning APP, promote “Internet + education”, and play a good role in promoting the reform of basic education teaching by modern information technology.
Wuyuexin Company resolutely upholds and supports the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the Prohibition of Harmful APP Entry into Primary and Secondary Schools. With the help and leadership of the competent departments of the Ministry of Education at all levels, we solemnly commit ourselves and make the following declarations: