Goddess Day of Wuyuexin Company (March 8)

    The world is colorful because of women. Companies are more colorful because of these goddesses. Every woman is also like a beautiful fragrant flower. The company leader gave us two flowers for each goddess on this special festival, one flower and “Money Flower” (shopping card). Women are like flowers and pictures, and women are like flowers and poems, like beautiful couples and like flowing years.

    Women can be the sun, can be the autumn moon, the years quietly slip between the fingers, the beauty of the precipitated women is restrained and rich. Is the beauty of maturity, knowledge, elegance and generosity condensed by a thin youth? Even if the time flies, the old is only age, will never be wise woman’s graceful demeanor. There are many experiences in one’s life. Happiness, happiness, difficulty and sorrow are all part of one’s life, whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not.

    May all the goddesses of the company withstand the baptism of life, but they will always be unbeatable, more and more brilliant, as always walking their wonderful years. May our products become the flower in the hearts of more children and the company’s tomorrow be as colorful as today’s flowers! May all women be as charming as flowers, beautiful as flowers, brilliant as flowers, gentle as flowers, swaying and blooming. Light blooming into an elegant water-like woman flower, along the way melodious as song, laughing red dust!