A Joint Examination of Yunfu City, Guangdong Province

 The multi-school final exam in Yunfu City, Guangdong Province officially opened on July 3, 2013. According to the business experience and demand analysis, Wuyuexin Company provides the online marking system of “Xine Evaluation”. On the basis of its high performance and multi-function, it customizes the modules and adds technology according to the basic and expanding requirements of the examination business.

The total number of secondary schools in Yunfu participating in the joint examination was 16, with 36,000 candidates and 280,000 papers. During the implementation of the online evaluation project of Yunfu City, the stability, technical and functional characteristics of the “Xine Evaluation” of Wuyuexin Company are highly praised and recognized by the leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Education and the leaders of schools. The successful implementation of the joint examination project not only solves the problem of balancing the scoring standards among multiple schools, but also facilitates the follow-up statistical analysis, and has played a good demonstration role for other schools in Guangdong Province and even the whole country.

Source: Marketing Department Time: September-17, 2013